Environmentally Friendly Riscombe Farm

Here at Riscombe Farm, Exmoor National Park, we are trying to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible. The main things we are doing are:
Biomass Boiler: In late 2013 a wood pellet biomass boiler was installed which supplies the heat for the central heating, heated towel rails and hot water for the cottages, farmhouse, stable block, games room etc. Wood pellets are a renewable resource, have extremely low carbon dioxide emissions and are “carbon neutral” – also, they are additive and chemical free. The boiler was supplied and installed by Fair Energy, and is now maintained by Tolhurst Heating Solutions Ltd. For the technically minded it is manufactured by ETA (model ETA PE-K) and is rated at 95 kW. This boiler is very efficient (93%) at getting the most energy from the pellets and produces less than 0.1% ash at the end of the process. Being inside the stable block, this means that there is very little impact on the appearance of the buildings, and next to it, also in the stable block, is a purpose-built wood pellet store holding up to 20 tonnes of pellets. The only visible evidence on the outside is the chimney and two delivery pipes. Visitors can see the wood pellets through a window, specially reinforced with polycarbonate. We will be happy to show you around if you want to know more!

Buffer tank, biomass boiler, Riscombe Farm, self catering accommodation, Exmoor
Wood pellet biomass boiler, Riscombe Farm, farm self catering holiday accommodation, Exmoor
Wood pellet store room, Riscombe Farm, cottage accommodation, Exford, Exmoor
External window to view wood pellet store room for biomass boiler, Riscombe Farm, holiday cottage accommodation, Exmoor, Somerset & Devon

Photovoltaic Panels: 
16 PV panels were installed on the roof of the stable block in late 2011. They have a total capacity of 3.84 kW and the electricity generated goes directly into the grid.

Photovoltaic panels on stable block, Riscombe Farm, holiday cottage accommodation, Exmoor

Recycling: We encourage all visitors to recycle as much as possible. As well as the usual tins, paper, cardboard, glass, plastic bottles, etc., we recycle all food waste.
Logs: Logs for the wood-burning stoves are from sustainable resources on Exmoor.
Water: We have our own private water supply, which is pure Exmoor water matching any bottled spring water – so you don’t need to bring any!
Double Glazing: All cottages are fully double-glazed and the roofs are fully insulated to minimise heat loss.